Seminars and Educational Classes with the HSA

Corporate-photo-2Continuing Education Workshop

Hydroponics and Controlled Environment Horticulture

  • El Cerrito, CA
  • 6:30-8:30pm
    Admission: $50 Per Session/Per Person
    The Continuing Education Program teaches fundamental Hydroponics, Photo-Biology, Plant Science and all elements of Controlled Environment Agriculture.
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  • Classroom style educational seminars are available for Hobbyist and Advanced Growers, Teachers, Students and even Researchers. Continuing educational services are also provided to the hydroponic retail industry who may desire to keep their employees up to date with science and technology.
  • The HSA educates on all forms of biomass production using hydroponic and other soilless methods. Everything from Algae to Lettuce even Fodder and root crops. We teach the principles and practices necessary to achieve sustainable success.
  • Sessions are also available for those specifically interested in medical cannabis only. The HSA does not offer these courses to people in states where this is not legal. The HSA does not endorse the violation of any state or federal laws for the illegal growing of cannabis.
  • Contact the HSA for more information and scheduling.