The H.S.A. would like to take time to acknowledge some of the people who have participated in the H.S.A. and have made contributions above and beyond the call of duty.

To name a few:

  • Paul Droll – Founder of the H.S.A.
  • Gene Brisbon
  • Maynard Bates
  • Patricia Bates
  • Joseph¬† O’Brien
  • Bea O’Brien
  • K. Wignarajah
  • Otmar Silberstein
  • Gerald Garrison
  • Andrew Bratman
  • Ken Wilson
  • Michael Romano
  • Antena Bryne
  • Rachel Wilken
  • Patrick Park
  • Julie Garrison
  • Gerald Garrison
  • Fletcher Freeman
  • Juan¬†Sandoval
  • Heather Middleton
  • Dan Lubkeman

Note: There are so many more people to thank. We will be adding more names to this list very soon.